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It has been just over two weeks since I wrote my first and last “Random Thoughts” post and officially launched the website.  In the time since, all hell has broken loose; this is not surprising, considering that chaos is a pretty central theme in my life.

I was set to leave Santa Fe on June 23, 2013…I had put in my one-month leave notice at work with a final date set for June 21.

Okay, maybe I’ve gotten ahead of myself, as my long hiatus from blogging made for gaps in my brief history.  Here’s a quick overview on how I ended up in Santa Fe:

Paparazzi shot of the Sydney Harbour.

Paparazzi shot of the Sydney Harbour.

After leaving Dubai for good in December 2011, I went home to the US for Christmas before embarking on an adventure that started with six weeks in Nepal (four of those spent at a grueling Ayurvedic detox retreat in Kathmandu), followed by visits to Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Perehentian Islands in Malaysia, and finally Australia.  I was supposed to be in Australia for at least a month or two, but my body had a different plan.  Long story short, one week in, while staying with friends in Melbourne, I felt like I was on the verge of death–fever, chills, aches, pains–and chalked it up to the flu.  However, once I started vomiting fluorescent chartreuse bile and discovered a hole in my toe that extended all the way to my bone, I knew things had gotten out of my league.  Against local doctors’ orders (I actually had to sign a form saying they were not responsible for my death), I took an emergency flight out of Brisbane (to which I had gallantly traveled in my sepsis-induced euphoria) and straight to Atlanta, where I was in the hospital for a week, had half of my baby toe chopped off, and was stuck on IV antibiotics for weeks.  Not fun.

View from my little casita in Santa Fe.

View from my little casita in Santa Fe.

After that chain of events, I decided to give my body a much-needed rest and take some time off in a beautiful little bohemian artsy town where I could write and paint and learn Spanish and just generally focus on “me” for a while.  I pretty much just chose Santa Fe off a map (I googled “small bohemian towns USA”), and on July 1st, 2012 I drove across the US in my new used car and moved into my little adobe abode.  The plan was to take a sabbatical for nine months before moving on to greener pastures.  Two months into said sabbatical, I was losing my mind a la Jack from The Shining, hadn’t cracked my Spanish workbooks, had written one crappy paragraph, had painted one crappy painting, but was really in shape from all my time at the gym and really well-rested from all my naps.  Nevertheless, I ended up getting a job, which sucked, and then I got a better job.  And then I remembered why I went to Santa Fe in the first place and again I started losing my mind because I really started to loathe that beautiful little bohemian artsy town with all my being and not because it’s a terrible place but because I never would move to a place like that if it was going to be long-term and somehow there I was with a job and it started feeling long-term and this city girl felt trapped in small-town USA and I just needed to get away away awaaaaaaay!  So I quit my job, packed my stuff, and here I am.

Cross-country driving with everything I own.  Slightly uncomfortable.

Cross-country driving with everything I own. Slightly uncomfortable.

So yes, the plan was to leave Santa Fe on June 23.  However, my dear dad had a heart attack followed by bypass surgery, so I pulled a speedy pack, said sayonara to work, and made my exodus a week early.  I drove across the US via Oklahoma City-Memphis-Atlanta-Valdosta (My hometown…my mom wanted me to pick blueberries at my parents’ house there.  True story.) until I reached my final destination in Tampa, Florida, where my parents have a condo and live part-time–a decent place to have to be stuck post-heart surgery, if you ask me…well done, Dad!.

So this is where I’ve been the last two weeks…or I suppose the last 19 months.  My dad’s doing fine, and I’m doing the best I can to help out, but of course I’m the youngest of three and for some reason I always revert back to my childhood when I’m around my parents.  Is this normal?

Anyway, I’m off in a few hours for France!  Three days in Paris, a few days in Cannes for my friend Amy B’s wedding, a three day road-trip through the south of France with my friend Ali, a few days in Bordeaux for another wedding, and then flying back out of Paris on July 16th with a week-long layover in Washington, DC on my way back.  Vive!

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  1. Melanie

    DC is only 3.5 hours south of Long Beach Island, NJ where you have a free place to stay that is a stone’s throw to the beach. Just saying….


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