Blog is Dead. Make Way for Book.

Well, hello, there to my scores of fans!  All two of you (and that’s definitely wishful thinking)!  My last blog entry was almost exactly one year ago.  That should be evidence enough that this here blog died a very swift death in the scorching Dubai heat last summer and will not be resurrected any time soon.  Make that ever.

However, the good news is that I have settled down in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the next nine months with the sole purpose of combining all my crazy thoughts, stories, and nonsense into something resembling a book.  I have been wanting to write my memoirs for some time, but I always have excuses–no time, work is too stressful, my social life is too colorful, my surroundings aren’t inspiring enough, blah blah blah.  Well, I have quit my job and moved to a place where I don’t know a soul, and I’m living and writing in a little cottage that’s nestled in the desert with stunning mountain views.  I no longer have excuses (except I can’t find a damned desk chair that is stylish and comfortable and ergonomically works with my tall desk!).

Whether anyone will be foolish enough to publish my as yet unwritten book remains to be seen, but I am far more worried right now in how I aim to accomplish the frightening task of penning said book!

If I haven’t at least written a first draft by March 31, 2013, then I will deem myself a writing failure forever and I will bury any dream of writing for as long as I live.  Amen.

2 thoughts on “Blog is Dead. Make Way for Book.

  1. Ahmed Saleem Kallai

    While writing this comment i’m thinking whether you remember me or not, Iam Ahmed from Depa, was working in Personnel Dept. Actually we didnt had any deep relations while working together, but you are an unforgetable person i met in my life. I really appreciate your hardwork, positive mind and smartness. I hope we will met somewhere in this world again and till that time wish you all the best and keep moving……
    Thanks, Ahmed…


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