Due Gambe in Italia…

According to trusty (and not always correct) Google Translate, that means “Two Legs in Italy…”
Last Wednesday I was riding the stationary bike, trying to remember why exactly I want a job, remembering that it has something to do with an ailing bank account, wondering where I’d spent all my money, remembering that it had all gone to physical therapy, flights to the US, doctor’s appointments….
I thought about how dependent I’ve become, how I can’t do anything for myself, how I always need people to help me do things, take me shopping, reach high objects, pick up things I’d dropped, piggy-back me when I’m too tired…
I thought about my upcoming trip to Europe in September with Spaniard, I thought about how long it had been since I’d been anywhere by myself, for myself…how long it had been since I’d spent my money on something fun, something exciting, something other than these two freaking skinny-ass legs…!!!
Within 24 hours I had changed my flight to Frankfurt on September 3rd to a much earlier flight to Italy.  I’m off in just a few hours…I’m flying into Rome, staying in an apartment right next to Trevi Fountain in the city center for a few nights before heading to Tuscany, Florence, and Venice.  I’ll have about twelve days to explore the country before I fly out of Milan on September 5th.  Punchline: By myself. Completely Solo. Me, my crutches, and a 20 Liter backpack…Now that’s what you call a recipe for disaster!!
I’m completely excited and nervous and I have no idea what to expect.  I know it will probably be more miserable than fun, but I’m prepared for whatever challenges come my way, be it Roman ruins or Vatican staircases or Tuscan hills or Venetian bridges!  And this time I won’t have anyone to carry me (or my bag!) when I get too tired!
I’ll meet Spaniard in Brussels on the 5th and together we’ll continue our pre-planned trip through Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland.  If you don’t hear from me before then, then it means I’ve probably fallen into a gutter somewhere…

7 thoughts on “Due Gambe in Italia…

  1. clockers25

    you may be the coolest person I have ever met in my entire life!!!Anyway,,,,if you have time….you should read a book I am being required to read for one of my OT classes….its called the Body Silent….I think you will enjoy it as it gives a anthropological perspective of a spinal injury. I hope all is well and love it that you are still travelling around the world. I havent traveled in 2 years and its killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. James

    Oh, the places Tiffany’ll go! I went to Italy a few years ago – thought it was fantastic! Even brought a small piece of the Colosseum home with me! 🙂


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