Hello, My Name is Tiffany

Wine = Blog.  No Wine = Writer’s Block.

Hello, my name is Tiffany, and I’m an alco-blogger.  I haven’t had a drink in ten days.Alcohol detox is in full swing.  Alcohol detox doesn’t end until Ramadan ends.  Ramadan doesn’t end until August 31st.  Blog will most likely be neglected until August 31st.

I’ve tried to write.  Really, I have.  I got so frustrated with my loss of words and creativity sans vino that I came this close to popping open one teeny little innocent bottle of Malbec.  Miraculously, I resisted the urge.

Perhaps once I get over the shakes I’ll be able to write something…otherwise, see you in September!

One thought on “Hello, My Name is Tiffany

  1. jack boyd

    Hey Tiff, I’m glad you’re giving the blog another go. I was a bit disheartened when you stopped updating it last year and I thought you might have been done with it. Happened to give it a look today and I’m glad you’re back at it! I look forward to the updates! – jack


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