Omani Run

To celebrate my one-month anniversary back in Dubai, Spaniard and I decided to spend the weekend in Muscat, Oman (read:  My 30-day UAE visitor’s visa was about to expire and I needed to make a run to the border). 
This was supposed to be a cheap trip.  After all, I am chronically unemployed.  Muscat is about a four to six-hour drive through the desert and mountains from Dubai (depeding on the busy-ness factor at the border).  Once you arrive, there are plenty of cheap, roachish motels in a corniche and souk area called Muttrah (one of my favorite places), not to mention tons of laid back and inexpensive restaurants. 
However, somehow things went a bit off course from the original plan.  First off, I found a special online deal at the über chi-chi Chedi Muscat:  Stay two nights, get the third night free.  Who in their right mind could ever pass up such a steal?  I then looked into flights and discovered that it’s pretty cheap to fly…why drive when you can fly?  Hmmm…
So Thursday afternoon we were on a plane to Muscat!  We arrived at the swankypants Chedi  and were immediately whisked to our posh seaview room.  After that the weekend was a bit of a blur of delicious food, infinity pools, sunshine, prosecco, and even a facial.  We didn’t even leave the hotel!  So much for my big plans of trying to be like locals for a weekend.
When we got in the taxi to leave the hotel on Sunday, I asked Spaniard if I could see the bill.  As I opened it, I gasped and tears began to well up in my eyes…No!  This can’t be!  I can’t afford this!  I felt my heartbeat quicken and Where was the fresh air?!  But then I figured that overall it wasn’t so bad, considering it was three nights and all meals, not to mention that facial.  I began to calm down, and said, “Whew!  I was really worried for a second!”  But then Spaniard reminded me that we had already paid for the room online…this bill was only for the extras…

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