The Next Adventure

I have been a blog fanatic for two years now. I decided to jump on the Blogger bandwagon in late October 2004 to chronicle my year teaching English to children in South Korea. I then decided to create a new blog in January 2006 that served as a travel diary of sorts for my nearly eight months of backpacking throughout Southeast Asia and India.

Writing has always been my secret passion, and I have immensely enjoyed having a blog. As I am not much of a pen and paper journal writer, a blog serves as a terrific means of preserving my thoughts, memories, and photographs while living and traveling abroad. In addition, I found having a blog is a great way to keep my friends and family informed of my whereabouts, without the bore and repetition of impersonal mass emails. However, as my recent backpacking trip was winding down and I had yet to figure out my next “plan of attack” on life, I felt it was the opportune time to retire from blogging and focus my literary energy onto other writing dreams.

However, all my plans and ideas for the next year flew out the window of my comfort zones (do I even have those?) when I signed a 12-month job contract that will indeed veer me into a world unknown…the Middle East. I will be teaching yoga five hours a day, six days a week, in a brand-new private yoga studio in Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates, a tiny but insanely rich Muslim country on the Arabian Peninsula. I will also be working an extra ten hours a week as “Corporate Communication Trainer” for a massive interior design firm.

I am incredibly excited about this opportunity, and I look forward to calling the planet’s fastest growing city my home for the next year. After much inner turmoil and indecisiveness, I have finally decided that with a new adventure must come a new blog…Tiffany in Dubai.

So here it is. Considering I will be working my first 40-hour week…ever, I will definitely do my best to update the blog weekly and/or as interesting events occur…and of course I will keep it overflowing with photos, since I know that’s what everyone wants to see!

Tomorrow I fly out of Valdosta, Georgia around 4:00 pm, and after layovers in Atlanta and Paris, I will arrive in Dubai around 10:00 pm Monday night. I have nearly a week to get settled into my apartment and adjust to the time change before I start work on October 15th. Alright…Off to the Desert!

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