Random thoughts on Random Thoughts

Okay, so I created this “Random Thoughts” section so that I can record my…um…my random thoughts!  I set up this website to finally have a one-stop shop for all my past travel blogs–South Korea, Southeast Asia, and Dubai–and to build on that with all my future adventures, most notably my upcoming and highly-anticipated (well, at least for me!) trip through Central and South America and Antarctica.  Once the trip is underway, all things related to said trip will be carefully documented under their respective regions.

However, occasionally, I might just want to write about something completely random and irrelevant and unrelated to my travels or trips or whatever.  Maybe it will be my heart-wrenching internal struggle on whether I love or abhor hipsters, maybe it will be a really untalented perverse poem about toilet seats, or maybe it will just be a bitch-fest on the trials and tribulations of the dating life of a thirty-something.  Whatever the case, this is my secret little partially-hidden place for…you got it:  Random thoughts.

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