India: Yoga Week 2

Somehow, someway, I made it through Week 2 at the Yoga Ashram. Apparently, there is a saying that people tend to go crazy during their second week at an Ashram, and that was definitely quite true at the Yoga Vidya Gurukul. After a glorious day out last Tuesday, we thought we would be feeling refreshed and ready for more yoga action. Unfortunately, our hundreds of sun salutations could not break through the clouds, and the rains began to fall on Wednesday.

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It rained all day Wednesday. It rained all night Wednesday night. It rained all day Thursday. It rained all night Thursday night. It rained all day Friday…okay, you get the picture. The monsoon season is officially here in Central India. Today is the first day that we have seen the sun in a week, and it is so nice to feel slightly dry for a change. The heavy, continuous downpour did nothing but steadily lower the spirits of all forty of us yoga students. People were getting cranky and depressed, and when we were not in class, the only thing to do that seemed slightly appealing was to take a nap. So we napped…alot.

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In addition to the miserable, dismal weather, we got a new yoga instructor. Apparently, he is a legend in these parts, and at 62, a life-long practicer and teacher of yoga. We all hated him. He was like a yoga drill sergeant, yelling out commands and killing the relaxed spirit in the hall…however, with our suggestions, he has toned down, and now I like the old guy, strange quirks and all.

To help lift our spirits, and considering the rain was keeping us from our daily walks, we began trying to fit in some additional exercise. My friend Haley taught a Vinyasa Power Yoga class, and I have been putting together some ab workouts and short dynamic cardio sessions for myself and some of the others. Anything to keep us from killing ourselves and each other! By Saturday, the bad moods had worn off, and we were all feeling much better.

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On another note, for some strange reason, my physical health has been a little less than par. Considering all the fiber-rich, healthy, organic foods we have been eating, the average person should have no problem in the bathroom department. Well, I have managed to get the complete opposite results…let’s just say that I went twelve days without relief. TWELVE DAYS. Believe me, I tried everything herbal that the ashram had to offer, drank castor oil with milk, and even had to go through a “partial cleansing,” in which I had to do two sets of various “bowel massaging” exercises, followed by two warm glasses of salt water for four sets…nothing has really gotten me back on track. Hey, sometimes you get to the point where the herbal mumbo-jumbo doesn’t work, and then it’s time to break out the chemicals! Next stop, the pharmacy!

And today is our day off…and it is sunny! What more could a girl ask for? I am once again going to try not to cheat, doing my best to stay away from sweets and caffeine! Only two more weeks to go! I am soooo ready to go home!

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