Thailand: Bangkok…Again

After a relatively uneventful (and fortunately, half-full) flight, Erin and I wearily arrived in Bangkok last night around midnight. We shared a metered cab with a Scottish fellow for the hour-long jaunt to Khao San Road, finally entering the familiar territory around 1:00 am. I led us to my previous Bangkok home, Ranee’s, but the place was full, so we opted for next door at the New Joe Guesthouse. Erin and I settled into our room, had one final conversation, and drifted off to sleep.

Erin was up at the crack of dawn to head back to the airport to begin the next leg of her trip in Nepal. I roused myself just long enough to give her a sad hug, and fell back to sleep. I finally dragged myself out of bed around 9:30, had breakfast, and set off for a walk around town. The first, and most important part of my day was figuring out where to go from here. After a small amount of deliberation (and almost booking a bus to meet some friends in Koh Chang), I bought a 400 Baht bus ticket south to Krabi.

As my climbing bag was kindly taken back down to Tonsai by Kira, a climber I ran into in Chiang Mai, I have no choice but to head down there to reunite with it. Of course, I will definitely get in some climbing, a much-needed exercise option to burn off some of this fat I obviously gained in Vietnam! Fortunately, this side trip gives me another week before having to make any decisions about where to go next!

One thought on “Thailand: Bangkok…Again

  1. Ashley

    A few of us were wondering about you…you haven’t posted anything in awhile! We were just curious and worried about how you were doing! :o)



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