What a terrific weekend! Once I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was no longer my final weekend, I was able to relax a bit more and concentrate on having the perfect costume for Saturday’s Halloween Party.

Friday night was a typical night, spent at the Pirate Bar in Sanbon. I knew I needed to have an early night so that I could be prepared for a long day Saturday. Saturday morning I awoke to a beautfiul autumn morning, and after lazying around for a bit, I set out for a early-afternoon walk through Pyeongchon and our very own Central Park to collect leaves. The leaves were part of my grand scheme of going to the party as a “Wood Fairy.”

The girls preparing for the big party… Posted by Picasa

Therefore, all of Saturday afternoon was spent hot gluing various shapes and sizes of autumn leaves in brilliant colors of red, yellow, and orange to a skirt and top. Of course, I already had the necessary accessories ready: wings, wand, fishnet stockings, body glitter, and eyelashes. Around 6:00 pm, I began getting ready, finally carefully wriggling into my costume just as some of my friends started arriving. About eight people came over and we took pictures and had some snacks before setting off into the cold. I was half-naked and therefore freezing, and the cab ride was a laugh because I had to sit on my knees facing the back windshield so as not to ruin my costume.

No chance in hell… Posted by Picasa

We arrived at the party just as it began at 9:00 pm…we wanted to take advantage of the $25 we paid for the open bar from 9 until 1:00 am. We had a great time dancing and socializing before the final and most anticipated event of the evening: the costume contest. Now, I was not at all going for a sexy look with my Wood Fairy getup…if anything, it was cute and innocent. But someone deemed me sexy, and I won! I owe it all to my loud-mouthed friends in the crowd who cheered for me. Anyway, I won a DVD player, which is probably the last thing I need a week before leaving! Oh, well!

Nope, she’s not the sexiest, and neither is he… Posted by Picasa

After the contest, we hopped into taxis and headed to Itaewon. We ended up at Polly’s Kettle, where I managed to lose any remaining leaves from my costume…and MY WALLET! That is wallet #2 in the last couple months! I am an idiot! The only thing in that wallet, other than money, was my Alien Registration Card. Rumor has it that one has to pay a $100 fine to immigration if the card is lost. Just my luck!

Managed to crawl into bed around 5:00 am, and other than a fruitless trip to Itaewon in search of my wallet, today was a pretty low-key day. I am just now getting excited about the idea that I will be leaving in eight days!!!

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