Jan. 8 – Jan. 14: All Blogged Out!

Okay, so I knew that I was completely “Templed Out” from my eight days in Japan, but in the eternity since my last blog, I realized I needed a serious break from the internet. I know it’s only been just over a week, but I had gotten so used to popping these bad boys out every few days. But oh, how rejuvenated I feel from my break.

Other than “Girls’ Night In” at Kelly’s, last weekend was completely spent in my pajamas, trying to rejuvenate from my travels. This past week was another fast and uneventful one in Korea. I suppose my only daily excitement involved planning how I’m going to fit going to the gym into my schedule and what body part I’m going to abuse that day. Pretty exciting, huh?

Actually, my 2005 New Year’s Resolution (which I just decided on last week)is to take advantage of my year here without the stresses caused by work, relationships, driving in rush hour, etc. and use it to get myself into “Tip-Top” shape. I suppose my five-pound weight loss, resulting from a combination of both puking and subsisting on peanut butter and oatmeal, kick-started this plan. Anyway, my first goal is to lose another few pounds, and when I do, I am rewarding myself with going back blonde. Hey, I’m easy to please, okay?

Moving right along to the weekend…

A view of my little suburb of Seoul: Pyeongchon. Posted by Hello

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