My Last Korean Weekend

With only a few days left until I leave this country forever, I knew I wanted to spend it with my favorite people doing the things that made me happiest! Friday night, I met up with a crowd of friends in Sanbon for Shabu-Shabu. Afterwards, we ended up at the Pirate Bar for some final ice-throwing and Texas Hold ‘Em. I was up for a while, but of course, in typical Tiffany form, lost it all on one game…I blame it on ADD.

Me and the boys… Posted by Picasa

Saturday morning my friend Mike and I headed to the world’s largest electronics market in Yongsan. My goal for the day was to finally suck it up and buy a digital camera. After much window shopping, I finally settled on a Pentax and 1GB memory card, which I will never even use to its full potential, but bigger is better, right? I then went to Hongdae to get my hair done, which took absolutely forever…I finally got on the subway home at 4:30 pm, not arriving at my apartment until 5:30 pm. The problem? I had reservations and plans to meet up with about twenty of my closest friends at a restaurant in Gangnam at 6:00 pm. NOT going to happen!

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I rushed inside, changed clothes, did my best to look presentable, and ran to the bus stop to wait for Mike. He arrived, and as we were walking to the bus, the heel on my shoe broke! It was already after 6:00 pm, my phone was ringing nonstop, and I had one shoe! I was on the verge of tears, ready to throw it all in the bag and just go home and go to sleep. I went back to my place, changed shoes, and Mike and I decided to pay $20 to take a taxi. Fortunately, we arrived at the restaurant at 7:00 pm. It was an all-you-can-eat-and-drink place from 6:00 to 8:30 pm, so we had a little bit of time to get our money’s worth. After dinner, we headed to Itaewon for some final laughs together, and I finally settled into a cab home just before 2:00 am.

A final hug goodbye…handing off the torch to my soccer replacement, Melanie. Posted by Picasa

Sunday morning I finished my packing, as I had to be out of my apartment that afternoon before the newbies arrived. I made it to the soccer game with forty minutes remaining and afterwards celebrated the victory with the boys at a Galbi restaurant. I said a sad goodbye to my favorites on the team, leaving them around 8:00 pm to meet my climbing friend Erin for one last goodbye. I then met up with my friend Jessica for a bit before finally heading back to my home for the evening to prepare for a long night. I came up with the brilliant plan of staying awake all night so that I can time my sleep perfectly on the flight home to avoid jet lag. We’ll see how that one works! I cannot believe I am leaving tomorrow!!!

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