Sept. 12 – Sept. 16: Hurricane Madness

This past week found me glued to my computer, shocked at the state of my country. Many of the images I saw and stories I heard of Katrina’s destruction were extremely difficult to believe! I think the worst part was hearing how terrible a job the government did in handling the situation. Thinking of bodies that became so badly decomposed to the point that they will never be identified makes me want to slap the officials who gave the order to push them aside.

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Hearing about the need for volunteers has really pressed on my heart. I will be in the States for two months with relatively nothing to do, so I am looking into volunteering in Louisiana…or even Texas, depending on what kind of havoc Hurricane Rita puts on the south. Of course, this is all very dependent on how much money I have. I really need to find a way to make some extra traveling cash, but I would feel very guilty for not volunteering for at least a short stint.

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Thursday we took the kids on a field trip to a huge outdoor arboretum. The kids were mesmerized byt the various plants and trees, and I could not pry myself away from the Venus Fly Traps. Simple pleasures never cease to entertain me. I was just happy for a morning of not having to teach!

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Tonight I leave for a four-day trip to Seoraksan National Park…I am so excited to get out of town and do some climbing!

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