Sept. 5 – Sept. 11: The End is Near!

Well, this past week it began to dawn on me that my time here in Korea is nearly finished. I find it so hard to believe that I have been here almost eleven months now! It’s amazing how quickly the time flies.

After many back-and-forth phone calls and e-mails with my parents, I decided to scrap my plan of going straight into traveling after finishing my contract. I will now leave here as scheduled on November 1st and spend the holidays with my family in Georgia before flying to Southeast Asia in January for a few months of backpacking. Knowing that my funds are not quite where I want them, not to mention the fact that I would go stir-crazy after two months in the backwoods of the South, I requested an extension of my teaching contract for one month. Unfortunatly, Mr. Moon shot that down very quickly, as he is looking to replace Chris (who also leaves November 1st) and I with a couple. So, it looks like I will have to suck it up in Georgia for two months…perhaps I will try to get a temporary job to keep my busy and fill my pockets.

Once again I discovered the honesty of the Koreans this week. Amazingly, my wallet was taken to the Anyang Police Station, albeit without the 10 bucks I had inside. I was thankful to get it back, but of course I had canceled all the cards and the wallet’s contents were basically worthless at that point. It was nice to get my gym card back, however.

Friday night I went out for Vietnamese Pho Soup with my best buddy Chris from the soccer team, and we ended up in Sanbon for a marathon gabbing session with a few people that did not end until daylight. I was exhausted Saturday, but managed to let Chris drag me around Dongdaemun as his shopping assistant. Of course, we were both feeling less than energetic, and we finally called it quits after his failed attempts of finding jeans that fit. We made our way to Itaewon for a lovely dinner, then back to Sanbon for another rooftop party. I happily crashed into bed early that evening, purely knackered!

Sunday afternoon I made the long journey south to Cheonan for a soccer game. Why oh why do I put myself through this? My coach never acknowledges my existance. Fortunately, I was the only sub, and I got to play most of the entire half. Unfortunately, we lost…the ref was a complete idiot, not to mention we were terrible!

Next weekend is a four-day holiday! I cannot wait!

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